ICS 6N: Computational Linear Algebra Winter 2018

Linear Algebra
Instructor Xiaohui Xie
Lectures Bren Hall 1100 TuTh 2:00-3:20pm
Office Hours Wed 3-4pm, DBH 4088
Course Code 36040
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Course description
Matrices and linear transformations, systems of linear equations, determinants, linear vector spaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, orthogonal matrices, diagonalization, least squares, and singular value decomposition.
Topics include:
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Lab Assignments
Homework Assignments
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Academic Honesty

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Guidelines to avoid plagiarism

Do not look at another person's homework. Instead you should prefer to discuss the problem in plain English. This helps you to communicate clearly, practice technical jargon as it applies to your problem, and to identify how your solution exhibits behavior different from what you expect.

Do not write down the solution in your notes. It is perfectly fine (and encouraged) to collaborate on work. Working in a group is a rewarding experience, and definitely a necessary skill in any professional career. The collaboration can include drawing diagrams and perhaps solving the problem on a whiteboard. However, you should avoid writing the solution in your notes. It is very useful to rethink the problem and go through the details and logic when you solve it again on your own.

We expect that

You can monitor each other and enforce these rules among yourselves. Making sure that others follow these guidelines will help to ensure that they don't pass off your work as their own.

Your work honestly represents your efforts. The entire purpose of obtaining an education is so that you can accumulate a body of skills and experience that will help you later on. If you do not perform the work yourself, then you have cheated yourself out of the education. Employers in our field can (and do) screen applicants for skills and knowledge. You will perform poorly (and discredit UCI) if you do not practice now by doing your own work.