Selected Past Projects

A public database of consumer product information and environmental reviews, designed for access from mobile devices. Press release.

The Virtual Raft Project
Interactive installation with communities of autonomous characters and a mobile interface. To appear in the Interactivity venue at CHI 2005. (Watch a video).

Interactive installation shown at SIGGRAPH 2001, Game Developers Conference 02, Ars Electronica 2002 (Honorary Mention), ZKM Future Cinema exhibition, Kiasma, Beall Center at UCI, Festival International Nouveau Cinema Nouveaux Medias Montreal, Computing Commons Gallery at ASU and on Alan Alda's PBS show Scientific American Frontiers (video).

Shaft of Light
Stop-motion animated film screened at Sundance Film Festival '97 and 20 other film festivals, Bravo, the Independent Film Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel, and distributed by Anti-Defamation league. (99MB Quicktime)

An interactive web polling engine. Anybody can submit a multiple choice question and three possible answers. For each answer you give to somebody else's question, the question that you asked will be put in the queue once for someone else to answer. Then you can check back later to see how many people chose each of the answers.

Boxed In
Large scale sculpture/video installation, displayed at 13th & Chestnut Sts. in center-city Philadelphia, 1996-7. Read a short article about the piece.

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