GraphTool: A Tool for Interactive Design and Manipulation of Graphs and Graph Algorithms

GraphTool is an interactive tool for editing graphs and visualizing the execution and results of graph algorithms. It runs under the X Windows environment and has full window/mouse interface. While the primary purpose of GraphTool is to provide a means for experimentally investigating the performance of graph algorithms, it has other useful features as well. It provides features for printing graphs in a visually appealing format, which makes it easier to prepare papers for publication. It also provides a facility for "animating" algorithms, which means that it can be used in computer assisted instruction (CAI) and for preparing video presentation of algorithms. Much more information about GraphTool is available. A SUN OS 4.x version of GraphTool is available. In addition to the executable xbt_gtool, there is a library, graphtool.h and libgraphtool.a, that handles many common functions used in algorithms. Algorithms are made visible to GraphTool by adding an entry for them in the .graphrc file. A sample .graphrc file, the source for its algorithm entries, and a Makefile have all been included. GraphTool has also been ported to run under the Windows '95 environment .

Algorithm Entries


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