ICS 45C Spring 2022
Grade Calculator

How to calculate an overall score

Below is a calculator that can take your raw scores on various graded artifacts and determine an overall total. As you fill in scores for each artifact, it will calculate a weighted score for each — which takes into account how much each artifact is worth, on a percentage basis, toward your overall course grade — and also show you how the calculations were done. Additionally, an overall total is shown, including an overall percentage on all of the work for which you've filled in scores. For each of the projects that fall under the late policy, you can also enter the number of hours late it was submitted; the appropriate late penalty will be calculated (with the largest late penalty "refunded," so enter all of your late hours, even for the project that you expected to be without penalty).

As you complete your work in the course, you can fill in these scores and see where you stand overall. A much more interesting question, though, is whether there is a plausible path from where you are now to where want to be, which you can assess by plugging in hypothetical scores for things not yet graded.

The calculator