Former doctoral students

Year Student Advisor Thesis title
1980 Dov Harel G. Lueker Efficient Algorithms with Threaded Balanced Trees
1985 Martin Katz D. Volper Geometric Retrieval: Data Structures and Computational Complexity
Francis Murgolo G. Lueker Approximation Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
1986 Lawrence L. Larmore D. Hirschberg Methods of Solving Breakpoint Problems
1988 James H. Hester D. Hirschberg Probabilistically Faster Search Structures
Kadri Krause G. Lueker Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Recognition and Analysis of TSSP Graphs
1990 Mariko Molodowitch G. Lueker Analysis and Design of Algorithms: Double Hashing and Parallel Graph Searching
Cheng F. Ng D. Hirschberg Computational Complexity of Stable Matching Problems
1991 Debra A. Lelewer Brum D. Hirschberg Data Compression on Machines with Limited Memory
1993 Hari Asuri G. Lueker Parallel Algorithms for Sparse Graphs
1994 Lynn M. Stauffer D. Hirschberg Parallel and High-Speed Data Compression
1997 Vitus Leung S. Irani Scheduling with Conflicts and Applications to Traffic Signal Control
Steven S. Seiden D. Hirschberg / S. Irani Randomization in Online Computation
1998 Jonathan Kent Martin D. Hirschberg Machine Learning of Classifications via Generalized Linear Models: Theoretical and Practical Considerations
2002 David Hart D. Eppstein Algorithms for Geometric Shortest Paths along Routes
2003 Joseph Wang D. Eppstein Graph Algorithms for Complex Networks
2006 John Augustine S. Irani Near-Optimal Solutions for Powering-Down Problems and Scheduling Jobs in FPGAs
Yu (Jeremy) Meng M. Goodrich Confluent Graph Drawing
Zheng (Jonathan) Sun M. Goodrich Algorithms for Hierarchical Structures, with Applications to Security and Geometry
2008 Josiah Carlson D. Eppstein Solving Some Combinatorial Problems Embedded in Trees
2009 Kevin Wortman D. Eppstein Minimum Dilation Stars
Nodari Sitchinava M. Goodrich Parallel External Memory Model and Algorithms for Multicore Architectures
2011 Darren Strash D. Eppstein / M. Goodrich   Algorithms for Geometric Graphs and Social Networks
2013 Lowell Trott M. Goodrich Geometric Algorithms for Social Network Analysis
2014 Joe Simons D. Eppstein / M. Goodrich New Dynamics in Geometric Data Structures
Paweł Pszona M. Goodrich Practical Algorithms for Sparse Graphs
2015 Michael Bannister D. Eppstein Lower Bounds and Fixed-Parameter Tractability of Drawing Graphs
Jenny Lam S. Irani Cache Optimization for the Modern Web
2016 Dmitri Arkhipov M. Dillencourt / A. Regan Computational Models for Scheduling in Online Advertising
2017 Will Devanny D. Eppstein / M. Goodrich An Assortment of Sorts: Three Modern Variations on the Classic Sorting Problem
2018 Siddharth Gupta D. Eppstein / M. Goodrich Topological Algorithms for Geographic and Geometric Graphs
Timothy Johnson M. Goodrich Graph Drawing Representations and Metrics with Applications
2019 Juan Besa M. Goodrich Optimization Problems in Digraph Drawing
Nil Mamano D. Eppstein / M. Goodrich New Applications of the Nearest-Neighbor Chain Algorithm
2020 Reza Asadi A. Regan Deep Learning Models for Spatio-Temporal Forecasting and Analysis
2021 Pedro Matias M. Goodrich Exact Learning of Sequences from Queries and Trackers
Elham Havvaei D. Eppstein Parameterization and Concise Representation in Graph Algorithms: Leaf powers, Subgraphs with Hereditary Properties, and Activity-on-edge Minimization
2022 Martha Osegueda M. Goodrich Constructing, Counting and Matching Combinatorial and Geometric Shapes
Julius Ceasar Aguma A. Regan / S. Irani Matching Mechanisms for Social Good: Case Studies in Transport Congestion, Low-Income Housing, and Food Surplus Redistribution
2023 Ramtin Afshar M. Goodrich Exact Learning of Graphs from Queries
Daniel Frishberg D. Eppstein Flow-Based Decomposition for Geometric and Combinatorial Markov Chain Mixing

Department of Computer Science
University of California, Irvine, CA 92697-3435