ICS Theory Group

CompSci 269S, Winter 2008: Theory Seminar

The Theory Group meets Fridays at 1:00pm; this quarter we are in Bren Hall, room 1423. Below is this quarter's schedule.

Jan 11: Organizational Meeting
Jan 25: SODA report
Feb 15: Kevin Wortman, Nondecreasing Paths in a Weighted Graph or: How to Optimally Read a Train Schedule
Feb 22: Nina Amenta, On the Complexity of Delaunay Triangulations on Manifolds
Feb 29: Darren Strash, The Graph Genus Problem is NP-Complete
Mar 7: Mike Nelson, Fast Algorithms for Minimum Weight Constant Length Cycles in Edge-Weighted Graphs
Mar 14: Nodari Sitchinava, Parallel External Memory Graph Algorithms

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