ICS Theory Group

ICS 269, Winter 2001: Theory Seminar

The theory group meets Fridays at 1:00pm, usually in the CS 432 conference room; note, however, that on 1/12, 2/9, and 3/9 we will be meeting in CS2 144.

Here is this quarter's schedule. (Clicking on the title gives the abstract where available.)

Jan 12 CS2 144   Organizational Meeting and SODA report
Feb 23 CS 432 Javid Hüseynov Logo Matching
Mar 9 CS2 144 George Lueker The Minimum Expectation Selection Problem Is NP-Complete
Mar 16 CS 432 David Goggin A presentation of "Fast distributed graph coloring in O(Delta) colors" from SODA 2001 by Gianluca De Marco and Andrzej Pelc

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