ICS Theory Group

CompSci 269S, Fall 2008: Theory Seminar

The Theory Group meets Fridays at 1:00pm; this quarter we are in ICS, room 253. Below is this quarter's schedule.

Sept 26: Organizational Meeting
Oct 3: Nodari Sitchinava, Improved Bounds for Wireless Localization
Oct 10: Ken Clarkson, Self-Improving Algorithms for Delaunay Triangulations
Oct 17: Michael Goodrich, Succinct Greedy Graph Drawing in the Hyperbolic Plane
Oct 24: David Eppstein, Two results on 3d lattice embedding of graphs
Oct 31: Nate Gertsch, Firefighting in Trees and Infinite Grids
Nov 7: Lowell Trott, Embedding Planar Graphs on a Grid.
Nov 14: Darren Strash, Some Results on Greedy Embeddings in Metric Spaces
Nov 21: Kevin Wortman, More Robust Hashing: Cuckoo Hashing with a Stash
Nov 28: Thankgiving Holiday
Dec 5: Class cancelled.

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