ICS Theory Group

ICS 269, Fall 2002: Theory Seminar

The Theory Group meets Fridays at 1:00pm in the CS 432 conference room.

Below is the current status of this quarter's schedule.

Oct 4 CS 432 organizational meeting  
Oct 11 CS 432 Josiah Carlson Parallel processing, a way to reduce wall clock time
Oct 18 CS 432 Amitabha Bagchi Algorithms for Fault-Tolerant Routing in Circuit Switched Networks
Oct 25   Cancelled  
Nov 1 CS 432 Amic Chaudhary Very Fast Outlier Detection in Large Multidimensional Data Sets
Nov 8 CS 432 Amic Chaudhary Parameterized Balanced Aspect Ratio Trees
Nov 15 CS 432 Kevin Wortman A Survey of Variable-Length Integer Coding Techniques
Nov 22 CS 432 Gwendoline Chien Orderly Spanning Trees with Applications to Graph Encoding and Graph Drawing
Nov 29     Thanksgiving break
Dec 6 CS 432 Matt Nguyen Randomized algorithms for the loop cutset problem

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