Information and Computer Science 280E
Software Architectures and Internet Protocols

Winter Quarter, 2000
Location: PSCB 240
Time: TTh 11:00 - 12:20
Course code: 36545

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What's New

  1. [January 25] Reading list and assignments updated.
  2. [January 12] Almost all of the publications are now available on line. See the reading list below.
  3. [January 4, 2000] Home page posted.



We'll examine the relationships between software architectures and application-level Internet protocols. The goal of the class will be to develop a clearly articulated research strategy for getting us to the next major successor of today's WWW. The working hypothesis is that event-based architectures will form the backbone of that endeavor. In terms of topics we'll be looking at:

This will be a read-papers-and-present ideas type of seminar.

Textbook and Readings

Assignments and Assessment

Name Assignment  Weight 
Presentations  These are oral reports to the class covering the papers. 40% 
Summary paper    60% 

Schedule (Subject to Change)

Summary Documents Due
Week 1
January 11/13

Topic introduction.

ITR Proposal review.

ITR Proposal.  
Week 2
January 18/20

Eric Dashofy: Carzaniga's dissertation.

Jie Ren: ESEC 97

Rajat Mathur: Carzaniga, TR

Jeff Ronne: HTTP/1.1 (Thursday)

Rohit Khare: summary of the Seventh Heaven series

  1. The Siena papers.
  2. The HTTP/1.1 protocol specification
  3. The 7th Heaven articles
  1. The Siena TR and the ESEC Siena paper
  2. The 7th Heaven articles (you choose whether to review the summary article or the various individual articles).
Week 3
January 25/27

Rohit: Continuation of the Seventh Heaven series (Tuesday)

Taylor: hand-waving about the C2 architectural style


  1. The Fielding/Taylor paper
  2. Fielding survey paper (Software Architectural Styles for Network-Based Applications)
  1. Fielding/Taylor paper
Week 4
February 1/3

Rajat: The Fielding/Taylor paper

Jeff: The Fielding survey paper

Michael: The "Cobbler's Children" paper (Web-based Development ....)

Rohit: Hauswirth dissertation (Push Systems)

  1. Web-based Development of Complex Information Product
  2. Hauswirth dissertation
  1. The Fielding survey paper (in lieu of the dissertation)
  2. Web-based development....
Week 5
February 8/10
No Class (Vienna ICSE PC meeting)
Week 6
February 15/17

Eric: Control Choices

Adoption Issues

Killer Apps, intro apps, feasible apps, local-scale apps

  1. Control Choices and Network Effects in Hypertext Systems
  2. Shared Leadership in the Apache Project
  3. The Internet Standards Process
  1. Extension of Roy's summary of style classification to include push systems/architectures.
  2. "What's an Event" 1 or 2 page discussion of definition of an event
  3. Control Choices and Network Effects in Hypertext Systems
  4. Shared Leadership in the Apache Project
Week 7
February 22/24
Week 8
February 29/March 2
(Class on March 2 is at risk of rescheduling or cancellation)    
Week 9
March 7/9
Week 10
March 14/16


Academic Dishonesty

Cheating in ICS 280E will be dealt with in accordance with ICS policy and UCI policy. Please familiarize yourself with those documents. 
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