Information and Computer Science 227
User Interfaces and Software Engineering

Winter Quarter, 1998
Location: CS 253
Time: WF 11:00 - 12:20
Course code: 36607

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(Last modified Mon Jan 05 1998)

What's New

  1. [Jan 05] Home page posted. The textbook may be obtained from the Engineering Copy Center, EGR 203. The extra readings will be available starting Jan 06.


Overview, Prerequisites, and Frequently Asked Questions

UCI Catalog Description:

Exploration of current developments in systems and tools for creation and run-time management of graphical user interfaces. Object specification, constraint specification and maintenance, control paradigms, separation of concerns, support infrastructures, and multi-media issues are also discussed.

Themes: UI implementation, software architectures, and composition technologies.

Textbook and Readings

Assignments and Assessment

Name Assignment Weight
Comparative toolkits Update the provided comparison matrix with 3 or 4 columns based on more recent material: e.g. the latest MS toolkits, subArctic, Java AWT 1.1, Sun's Swing, JavaBeans, Netscape's Internet Foundation Classes, VB Controls, Amulet, Mastermind 15%
Paper summaries/analyses Write a 1-page (or less) summary of 5 of the extra-to-textbook readings and a 1-page (or more) critical analysis of same. 15%
Project/paper Develop a project and/or write a term paper on an approved topic 60%
Participation Participation in class discussions 10%

Suggested (pre-approved?) Project/Paper Topics


Subject to change

Week Date Class Session Readings
1 January 7 Introduction UI toolkit matrix
[Coutaz&Taylor; Taylor]
-- January 9 UI development process Olsen, Ch. 1
2 January 14
Class held earlier in the day?
Task analysis and basic graphics Olsen, Ch. 2 and 3
-- January 16 Event handling Olsen, Ch. 4
3 January 21 X windows and Xtk (Ackerman) ---
-- January 23 Basic interaction: MVC Olsen, Ch. 5; [Krasner&Pope]
4 January 28
Class held on 1/26
[NIST]: class held on 1/26
Interfaces from widgets
Olsen, Ch. 7
-- January 30 Model-based systems: Chiron-1 [Taylor]
5 February 4 Model-based systems: Mastermind [Szekeley]
-- February 6 Software architectures and UIs [Arch/Slinky] [C2]
6 February 11
Class held on 2/12
[EDCS Melbourne]: class held on 2/12
C2 frameworks; Java AWT events
(Hilbert and Medvidovic)
-- February 13 [BART]: no class ---
7 February 18 Undo, groupware, and macros Olsen, Ch. 14, [Calvary,]
-- February 20 Cut, copy, and paste Olsen, Ch. 13
8 February 25 [GSAW]: no class ---
-- February 27 UI elements as components [ Java Beans spec]
9 March 4
Class held on 3/5
[ISSTA]: class held on 3/5
Issues discussion; Input models
Olsen, Ch. 8
-- March 6 Architectures for graphical editing Olsen, Ch. 12
10 March 11 Student presentations ---
-- March 13
Class held on 3/12
[BART]: class held on 3/12
Student presentations
Exams March 18 Final Exam? 10:30-12:30

Academic Dishonesty

Cheating in ICS 227 will be dealt with in accordance with ICS policy and UCI policy. Please familiarize yourself with those documents.
Department of Information and Computer Science,
University of California, Irvine CA 92697-3425