As has been discussed in class, you have substantial flexibility in choosing the specific form for the content of your deliverables. Below is a list of items that should be included in your second deliverable.

Due Date



This of course , is the full description of what you are going to do. You've done these before, in ICS 52 and ICS 121, so you have plenty of "model documents" to draw from, to help you determine how to structure this statement. Keep in mind that key objectives of a requirements document are:

  1. Completeness -- everything is described
  2. Understandability -- the "customer" can read it and be convinced that all his objectives and needs are adequately and accurately described
  3. Utility -- the information in the document can be used effectively to help in the design phase (e.g. an OO requirements analysis can aid in development of an OO design)
  4. No Ambiguity -- every reader will come away with the same understanding
  5. Consistency -- No contradictions

Use diagrams of course, to help give appropriate overviews and understanding. Note that pictures may well be an essential element of the complete description of any graphical interface.


This section is reserved for any documentation you may have developed during this phase of the project. Specifically, if during the course of developing the your understanding of the various technologies involved in the porject, you discovered items that were not documented, but which were important, then you should include that here.

Additionally you should list here the major sources of information that you will be using during the remainder of the project.