Information and Computer Science 126 A&B

Comprehensive Project in Software System Evolution

Winter Quarter 1999
Instructor: Richard N. Taylor

Performance Appraisal due with each Deliverable

Please turn in no later than the first class period after the due date.

For each team member other than the manager, the following appraisals form must be filed with each deliverable. Note that this form is to be done in a three step process. First, the team member (non-manager ) must fill out part I; second, the manager must fill out part II, while the team member fills out part II; thrid, the manager reads and signs part III, while the team member reads and signs part II. In part I, the team member will describe her /his own responsibilities, accomplishments and potential improvement. In part II, the manager will review the team member's appraisal and rate her/his performance. In part III, the team member will rate the manager's performance. The purpose of the three steps is so that both team member and manager know how they are being rated. You should be honest without being vengeful. Keep in mind that a bad rating in many of the indeces is not indicaative of a poor performance and will certainly not relfect in your grade. Note that all appraisals should cover only the phase in question. Please hand in all appraisal forms with your deliverable. You will be marked down only for failing to fill out appraisals (either team member or manager ), handing in illegible forms, or giving too little detail.

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