5.4.5 PythonInterpPerDirective

Syntax: PythonInterpPerDirective {On, Off}
Default: PythonInterpPerDirective Off
Context: server config, virtual host, directory, htaccess
Override: not None
Module: mod_python.c

Instructs mod_python to name subinterpreters using the directory in which the Python*Handler directive currently in effect was encountered.

For example, assume there is a /directory/subdirectory. /directory has an .htaccess file with a PythonHandler directive. /directory/subdirectory has another .htaccess file with another PythonHandler. By default, scripts in /directory and /directory/subdirectory would execute in the same interpreter assuming both directories are in the same virtual server. With PythonInterpPerDirective, there would be two different interpreters, one for each directive.

See Also:

Section 4.1 Multiple Interpreters
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