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  Econ 11 / ICS 11 Problem Sets


Assigned problem sets, and their due dates, are listed on the course outline.



Many problems will require a good bit of interpretation. There is no one correct answer to many problems. An answer is almost never sufficient without an explanation. This is particularly true if you want to convince me that your approach, although it may be different than mine, is reasonable. Any assumptions you have made should be stated clearly at the top of the solution.

You are welcome to ask the instructor or the teaching assistants questions about how to approach a problem. You may discuss how to approach a problem with as many other students as you like, but you must work out the solution by yourself. Identical solutions presented by different students will be considered plagiarism if it is clear that collaboration proceeded beyond discussing the approach to the problem.

Explain what you are doing in English. An answer or some arithmetic, without an explanation in English, will often not receive full credit. This will also help us give you partial credit when you do something wrong early in the problem upon which later results depend. Please mark final answers in boxes to make grading easier.

We will make available solution sets online when each problem set is graded and returned. You are strongly encouraged to obtain these solutions and to compare them to your solution.


Uploading your problem set:

We are using the gradescope website for turning in problem sets.

Creating an account: We will enroll you in Gradescope using your email address, and we will associate your gradescope account with the Econ 11 / ICS 11 course. If you don't receive an email from asking you to set your gradescope account password by 4/9, please email Ali Nikkhah (anikkha1 at uci dot edu), let him know your name, your UCI student ID#, and your UCI email address, and ask him to enroll you. Additional instructions are here.

Preparing your problem set: Each problem on a problem set must be written on separate page(s). You can use multiple pages for one problem, but one page should not contain multiple problems. Use the software of your choice to scan each page into one or more files. If you have a smartphone, here are instructions for using apps to create PDFs.

Uploading your problem set: You must upload your PDF file(s) to gradescope and put them in the correct problem set assignment. Instructions are here. You have two options: (1) upload multiple PDF files, e.g. one or more for each problem (see "Submitting individual images" in the instructions), or (2) upload a single PDF file, and identify which pages correspond to which problem (see "Submitting a PDF" in the instructions). You can check your submission by following these instructions.

Deadline: The problem set must be uploaded before 10pm on the due date. As the course policies states, no late homework will be accepted without documentation of a medical issue that inhibited timely work. If you have such documentation, send it along with your problem set to Ali Nikkhah (anikkha1 at uci dot edu) and he will upload it to gradescope for you.


Graded problem sets:

After grading is complete, you will be able to obtain your grade using these instructions. Requests for regrades can be submitted through the gradescope system.

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