Serum PFOA Calculator for Adults

For other PFAS chemicals and updated default values for ongoing exposures, see our new PFAS serum calculator

Please enter the following values, then click on the "submit" button:

1. How much PFOA was in your blood sample? (2 is a typical value for an adult with no PFOA in his or her water.)
Starting serum PFOA concentration (μg/L, ng/mL, or ppb)

2. How much PFOA is in your drinking water? Enter 0 if you're drinking only bottled water, carbon-filtered water, or water treated by reverse osmosis.
Water PFOA concentration for ongoing consumption (ng/L, or ppt)

Calculator Version 0.9 by Scott Bartell, PhD.
Citation: Bartell SM. Online Serum PFOA Calculator for Adults. Environmental Health Perspectives. 2017;125(10):104502. Epub 2017/10/27. pmid:29068316.
The scientific basis and several examples for this calculator are described in detail here.