Weaving a Web of Trust


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Table of Contents

Weaving a Web of Trust

Weaving a Web of Trust


New Conflicts in Open Systems

Scenario: Entrusting an Applet

Scenario: Content Filtering

Trust Management

Principles Why

Principle: Be Specific

Principle: Trust Yourself

Principle: Be Careful

Principals What

Principal: People

Principal: Computers

Principal: Organizations

Policies When

Policies: Principal-Centric

Policies: Object-Centric

Policies: Action-Centric

Policies: Implementation

Pragmatics How

Pragmatics: Identifying Principals

Pragmatics: Labeling Resources

Pragmatics: Codifying Policies


Limits of Trust

Limits: Web Servers

Limits: Web Clients


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Author: Rohit Khare

Email: rohit@uci.edu

Home Page: http://www.ics.uci.edu/~rohit

Other information:
Presented at BART, Oct 9, 1998. Based on Web Journal paper.

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