"Robots" search the web collecting e-mail addresses so they can send e-mail advertisements. By having a thousand fake e-mail addresses off your web page, you can reduce the value of e-mail addresses collected automatically and get even with the people flooding the Internet with junk mail.

Thanks to Tom Fawcett for the idea.

See Very Important Web Site for more bait.

No thanks to WorldTouch Network Inc. for selling this stuff. EMAIL MARKETING WORKS!! Bull's Eye Gold is the PREMIER email address collection tool. This program allows you to develop TARGETED lists of email addresses. Doctors, florists, MLM, biz opp,...you can collect anything...you are only limited by your imagination! You can even collect email addresses for specific states, cities, and even countries! All you need is your web browser and this program. Our software utilizes the latest in search technology called "spidering". By simply feeding the spider program a starting website it will collect for hours. The spider will go from website to targeted website providing you with thousands upon thousands of fresh TARGETED email addresses. When you are done collecting, the spider removes duplicates and saves the email list in a ready to send format. No longer is it necessary to send millions of ads to get a handful of responses...SEND LESS...EARN MORE!!!

Here's the lisp code used to generate the addresses
(defun r()(generate-random-string 'mail))

(defun generate-random-string(var)
  (format nil "~a"
	  (if (and (symbolp var)(get var 'grammar))
	      (apply #'clos::string-append (mapcar #'generate-random-string
					     (select-element (get var 'grammar))))

(defun select-element(lis)
  (nth (random (length lis)) lis))

(defmacro defgrammar(name g)
  `(setf (get ',name 'grammar) ',g))

(defgrammar string ((s1) (s2) (s2) (s1)(s1)(s2) (s3)) )

(defgrammar s1 ((vowel)(bcon vowel cone)(vowel bcon)(bcon vowel)(vowel
	     (bcon vowel cone)(bcon vowel cone)) )

(defgrammar vowel ((a)(e)(i)(o)(u)(o)(e)(i)(a)(o)(i)
		(oo)(ou)(oi)(a)(ao)(ie)(ei)(io)(iou)(oy)(ee)(ea)(ae)(i)(e)) )

(defgrammar bcon ((b)(bl)(bw)(bm)(br)(c)(ch)(cl)(cr)(d)(dr)(dl)(f)(fl)(fw)

(defgrammar cone ((b)(ck)(c)(d)(dd)(dt)(f)(ff)(g)(gh)(h)(ht)(k)(lf)(lk)(lm)(ls)(lt)(ll)
	       (v)(w)(x)(y)(z)) )

(defgrammar s2 ((s1 s1)(s1 s1)(s1 )(s1 vowel cone)) )

(defgrammar s3 ((s1 s2)(s2 s1)(s1 s1 s1)) )

(defgrammar mail ((string @ string "." string "." type)(string @ string "." type)))

(defgrammar type ((net) (com) (edu) (gov) (org) (com) (com) (edu) (com) (edu) (com) (edu)))