About Me

Hello, I'm Twaha! I'm a PhD student (2017 - Present) in UC Irvine's Computer Science Department.
I'm working with Prof. Aditi Majumder in the iGravi Lab. My research interests lie in the overlap of computer vision, graphics and visualization. My current research is in the domain of real-time multi-projector display systems that adapt to changing surface geometry and their application to projection-based augmented reality systems for creating interactive 3D experiences.
Before joining UC Irvine, I worked at Epic Systems, a healthcare software company, as a software developer on their surgical management team. In summer 2018, I had a great time at Google's Mobile Vision team working on face recognition.
I received my Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University, where I was advised by Professor Tsuhan Chen. I did my bachelors in Computer Systems Engineering from NUST University.

Reach out to me at muhammti at uci dot edu.

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  • University of California, Irvine

    Sept. 2017 - Present

    Doctorate in Computer Science

    Research Focus: Real-time, surface-adaptive multi-projector display systems & projection-based augmented reality systems for creating interactive 3D experiences.

  • Cornell University

    Aug. 2013 - May 2014

    Master of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    M-Eng. Project: Quadcopter control using Comptuer Vision. Awarded honorable mention at Cornell ECE Day 2014.

  • National University of
    Science & Technology

    Sept. 2007 - Sept. 2011

    Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering

    Final Year Project: Digital Drawing Board using a Projector-Camera pair. Awarded second place in Microsoft-Pakistan Imagine Cup 2011.

Work Experience

  • Summit Technology Laboratoy

    Sept. 2020 - Present

    Computer Graphics Researcher

    I am responsible for researching and developing algorithms for creating high-resolution, seamless multi-projector display systems, improving the system runtime efficiency by exploiting GPU and multi-threading paradigms. Additionally, I also manage a team of engineering interns to develop new algorithms and modules.

  • Google LLC.

    Jun. 2018 - Sept. 2018

    Software Developer Intern

    I designed, developed and evaluated a face recognition system using deep learning and convolutional neural networks. I presented results to the team and recommended potential ways to further improve recognition.

  • Epic Systems Inc.

    Apr. 2015 - May 2017

    Software Developer

    I was responsible for designing, developing and maintaining Epic’s surgery management software suite. I also frequently visited customer sites to provide support and gather requirements for designing new functionality.

  • Futurewei (Huawei) Technologies Inc.

    Jul. 2014 - Jan. 2015

    Research Intern

    I researched on panoramic video and super resolution cameras using Raspberry Pi boards. I constructed the video rig, implemented and analyzed the performance of multiple color correction algorithms on panoramic video.

  • VISPro Research Group

    Aug. 2011 - Aug. 2013

    Research Assistant and Teacher Assistant

    I was responsible for researching and developing an image stitching software in a joint project with ETRI (South Korea). My research was published in a conference paper, a journal paper and we also filed a patent. As a teacher assistant, I co-developed and managed Verilog lab work for 75 students at graduate and undergraduate levels.

Technical Skills





Azure Kinect SDK