The total number of quizzes for the class will be 4. The quiz topics are search, logic, probabilistic reasoning and learning. The quizzes are each worth 15% of your grade. The number of homeworks for the class will be 4, divided between one coding problems and three written assignments. There is no cumulative final: instead the final will be a quiz on learning on the last day of class, as requested by Summer Session.

Regrades: There is no option to resubmit new homework for a new grade. If you believe a homework or quiz is misgraded, ask for a regrade by resubmitting your paper with an explanation of why you believe the grade is incorrect. The entire paper will be regraded, so it is possible to lose credit. You are welcomed to submit homewowk early.

Homework are to be submitted according to the TA's policy. Late homework will be marked down 20% per day. Graded homework will be available one week after submission. Homework must be typed.

Tentative Schedule

Quiz Dates: Quizzes are 30 minutes long.

  1. Monday July 19: Quiz on Search
  2. Monday August 2: Quiz on Logic
  3. Wednesday August 18: Quiz on Probabilistic reasoning
  4. Friday September 3: Quiz on Learning
Homework Due Dates
  1. July 16: Search Homework (code + output)
  2. July 30: Logic Homework (problems)
  3. August 16: Probability Homework (problems)
  4. September 3: Learning Homework (problems)