Winter 2018 — UTeach ProgramDivision of Undergraduate EducationUC Irvine

UTeach Seminar (University Studies 197B)

UTeach: Theory and Practice

Course Reference

Instructors: David G. Kay, 5056 Donald Bren Hall (; Jayne E. Lewis, 161 Murray Krieger Hall (; Huitzi Contreras (

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Course goals and learning outcomes: This course is exclusively for participants in the 2017–18 UTeach program. [Applications for the 2018–19 program will be available in Spring 2018 at the UTeach Program site.] We will cover course organization, presentation techniques and skills, classroom management, motivating students, giving and receiving feedback, and other aspects of college teaching.

Meeting place and times: Class meets Wednesdays from 4:00 to 6:50 in Donald Bren Hall 1422.

Office hours: We're happy to hear from UTeachers any time. Drop by, send a message, arrange a specific time if you like. You can also get pretty rapid feedback from your colleagues and instructors by posting on

We will never intentionally ignore a message, so if you don't receive a response, write again; sometimes overactive spam filters snag a legitmate message.

We will also send course announcements by Email to the official course mailing list, so you should check your Email regularly. Note that this mailing list goes to the Email address that the registrar has for you (your UCInet ID). If you prefer to read your electronic mail on an account other than your UCInet account (which is a good idea, since if your UCInet account's mailbox fills up, you stop receiving mail), redirect your mail at .

Course structure: This course is graded P/NP. Passing requires professional performance in (a) attendance and participation [Most of your learning will come from class discussions, presentations, activities, and feedback. We expect you to attend and participate actively in every class meeting except for schedule conflicts we know about and real emergencies], (b) scheduled presentations [Deliver each of your three presentations—5-minute, 10-minute, and 30-minute—well prepared on the scheduled date], and (c) written materials [Submit your final syllabus and detailed course plan according to the course schedule. Both documents must address previous comments of reviewers and demonstrate your readiness to teach your course.].

Special needs: Any student who feels he or she may need an accommodation due to a disability should contact the UCI Disability Services Center at (949) 824-7494 as soon as possible to explore the possible range of accommodations. We encourage all students having difficulty, whether or not due to a disability, to consult privately with the instructors at any time.

Approximate course schedule:

Week Date Topics
1. 10 January Introductions • Five-minute presentations
2. 17 January Learning styles • Active learning • Learning outcomes • Course descriptions
Bring one paper copy of your course plan and syllabus, modified to reflect the reviewers' comments.
Sign up for your 10-minute presentations.
3. 24 January Syllabi and workloads • Attendance policies
Photos for UTeach 2018 web page.
4. 31 January Ten-minute presentations (#1–#6)
5. 7 February Ten-minute presentations (#7–#10)
Sign up for thirty-minute presentations; you may invite your faculty mentor to come observe your presentation, so you should clear the time with your mentor before you reserve it.
6. 14 February Peer editing of syllabi • Scheduling issues
Bring two paper copies of your syllabus.
7. 21 February Thirty-minute presentations (#1–#4)
Final revisions of syllabus and course plan due, Friday 5:00 on EEE dropbox.
8. 28 February Thirty-minute presentations (#5–#8)
9. 7 March Thirty-minute presentations (#9–#10)
Promoting discussion • Classroom management • Classroom technologies • Other issues
10. 14 March Panel of Past UTeachers • Remaining issues • Wrap-up
[If necessary]Syllabus and course plan with final comments addressed, due Friday 5:00 on EEE dropbox.
F. Weds. 21 March, 4-6 TBA (We won't have an exam, but we'll reserve this time in case we need it for extra presentations or something)