Strategies for

Effective Classroom Communication

in English

Classroom teaching isn't easy. It's even harder if you're not doing it in your native language. But you can still communicate effectively if you apply these strategies:

Developing fluency in a second language doesn't happen overnight; it's a developmental process that occurs over many years. Nobody should expect to speak like a TV announcer right away. Nonetheless, you can accelerate the development of your skills by taking every opportunity to exercise them: Spend a lot of time (both social and academic) with colleagues who are native English speakers. Listen to English television and radio. Even reading the newspaper in English will help develop your language skills. Adults often feel embarrassed when they can't speak as well in their second language as they can in their native language, but despite those feelings, you should take every opportunity to use English in conversation. As you do this, you will become more comfortable in the classroom and a more effective teacher.