ICS 31/32/33 TA Guide

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In a research university, TAs provide some of the closest attention students receive early in their careers. TAs have a great opportunity to shape students' experiences (positively or negatively). We hope this guide will help you and we welcome suggestions for improvement. Note that details vary from course to course and from instructor to instructor, so consult the instructor of your course for definitive information. [You may find this most readable in a narrow browser window.]

  1. Before the quarter starts
  2. During the first week and first lab(s)
  3. At every lab session
  4. Periodically during the quarter
  5. Grading lab assignments
  6. Exam and general grading guidelines
  7. At the end of the quarter
  8. Electronic Resources

We would be pleased to hear about other information you think would be helpful to include here.

David G. Kay, kay@uci.edu