Winter Quarter 2014 — Information and Computer SciencesUC Irvine

Lab Tutor Seminar (ICS 193)


Instructors: David G. Kay (, 5056 Donald Bren Hall; Rich Pattis (, 4062 Donald Bren Hall

Tutor coordinators: Andrea Lau ( and Ada Guan ( Jointly we're reachable at

Meeting time and place: Tuesdays 2:00 to 3:20 in 5011 DBH. We may not meet for the whole time, especially later in the quarter.

Course requirements: It's simple: Everyone can get an A who performs professionally. Unprofessional things (like missing scheduled lab sessions or missing the ICS 193 meetings) will lower the grade and pretty quickly result in a tutor being asked not to be a tutor any more. Of course real emergencies come up (but normal academic obligations like midterms and projects aren't real emergencies; you can plan around them); in a real emergency, contact the coordinators and the TA of your section as soon as you possibly can.

Topics to be covered: Primarily we will discuss issues that have come up or may come up in your tutoring. We will talk some about computer science curricula and teaching in general, and we will also cover relevant aspects of Python and other computer science principles. Refer frequently to the Lab Tutor Guide,

Quick resource guide:

This syllabus (with all its hyperlinks) is available on line at . There are other useful resources on David Kay's Teaching in ICS page.

We're making heavy use of forums at this quarter (for tutors, as well as for the students). This is a site where questions can be posted and answers can be created collaboratively, wiki-style, both by other students in the class and by instructors.

David G. Kay,

Monday, January 6, 2014 3:06 PM