Resources on the Web for Statistics Students and Teachers

Compiled by Robert F. Heckard, Penn State University and Jessica Utts, University of California, Irvine

Disclaimer: All links here worked when we wrote this document, but the web is a fast-changing place so we don’t guarantee they’ll always work.

In the Current News: Surveys, Observational Studies, and Randomized Experiments

Resources by Teachers for Teachers

Survey Methodology

Data Sets
Note: There are 54 data sets on the CD-ROM bundled with our textbook, Mind On Statistics by Utts and Heckard.

Gateways to Data and Government Reports

  • Miscellaneous Case Studies and Data Resources
  • Java and JavaScript Activities

    Advanced Placement Statistics Listserve Archives

    •  Searchable archive of thousands of email messages contributed by high school and college statistics teachers, about topics as diverse as studies in the news or where to find test questions.

    Journal of Statistics Education

    •  Free online journal sponsored by the American Statistical Association  Includes articles about teaching statistics, interesting datasets, current articles in the news for discussion.