Statistics 390 - Fall 2007

Department of Statistics

University of California, Davis

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Class Time

Tuesdays, 12:10-2:00, 1143 MSB or 1139 MSB

Contact Information:

Professor Jessica Utts
4214 MSB

Yolanda Hager
1222 MSB

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Date and Activities:

October 2: Introduction; TA Handbook; General principles and tips for TAs
October 9: Computer Lab – meet in 1139 MSB (Web page design, computing facilities, Minitab)
October 16: Videotaped presentations + discussion on grading exams
October 23: Computer Lab – meet in 1139 MSB (SAS)
October 30: Meet in 1147 (Seminar room) Presentation on JMP by JMP Staff, and PIZZA!!
November 6: Videotaped presentations + discussion
November 13: Computer Lab – meet in 1139 MSB (R)
November 20: Videotaped presentations + discussion
November 27: Computer Lab – meet in 1139 MSB (Latex)
December 4: How to conduct in-class projects in statistics classes