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Private Research Institutes

Cognitive Sciences Laboratory

The Boundary Institute

Online experiments

Consciousness Research Laboratory

National Institute for Discovery Science

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Online psi games

Rhine Research Center (includes information on Journal of Parapsychology and Summer Study Program)

Professional Organizations and Journals

Parapsychological Association

Society for Scientific Exploration

European Journal of Parapsychology

Society for Psychical Research (England)

American Society for Psychical Research


Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

Koestler Parapsychology Unit, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

The Global Consciousness Project (at Princeton University)

Scientists’ and Other Individuals’ Home Pages

Daryl Bem (Cornell University)

Articles on Psi Phenomena

James Spottiswoode and Associates

Charles T. Tart (Professor Emeritus, UCD)

Brian Josephson (Cambridge University, England; Nobel Laureate)

Stephan A. Schwartz

Joe McMoneagle (former Government remote viewer)

PJ Gaenir’s Collection of Remote Viewing Resources

Rupert Sheldrake