Integrated Studies 8C - Spring 2005

Department of Statistics

University of California, Davis

Welcome to the homepage for Integrated Studies 8C

Class Time

Mon/Wed 10:00-11:50, Miller Hall
Contact Information:
Professor Jessica Utts
387 Kerr Hall, Department of Statistics
Office Hours: By appointment

Some sections of this website include .pdf files.
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Syllabus (pdf version)

Syllabus (Word version)

  • Journal page explanation
  • Links to Resources (Researchers web pages, Journals, Online experiments, Laboratories, etc.)

    Ideas for Team Projects and Expectations for Projects and Presentations

  • Power calculator for experiments testing one proportion
  • Power calculator for experiments comparing two proportions
  • Ideas for Term Papers

    John Stenzel's "Grading Criteria" for term papers (useful advice for writing a good paper too)

    References for Papers in Reader

    Links to Required Reading Material NOT in the Reader:
    Parapsychology FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
        FAQ File 2  and FAQ File 3

    Zen and the Art of Debunkery

    Links to Some Online Reading Material (including some papers in the reader)

    Solutions to Statistics Exercises

    Email Archive

    Sample Statistics Quiz and Key to Sample Statistics Quiz

    Sample Final Exam (sorry, no answers)