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Setting Up Java at Home

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Course Information

You are responsible for knowing the information in these documents and those they reference.


During the quarter, important announcements not made in lecture, or important enough to bear repeating, will posted to the Announcements Board. If the class urgenetly needs to be informed of something, email about it will be sent to each enrolled student's UCInetID.

Lab Materials

The Lab Manual contains lab policies and procedures, the lab assignments and a description of how the assignments are graded.

Some students like to do their Java programming elsewhere than in our Help Center. That’s fine, but we do recommend that you do work elsewhere in addition to—not instead of—working in the Center; as discussed in the Course Reference, working in the Help Center is typically a major contributer to doing well in the course. For guidance on installing Java on a home computer, see the primer Setting Up Java at Home. Note that we do not have the resources to support your home installation; you’re on your own for working out problems or difficulties you encounter (except that, during my office hours, I’ll help you as I can with these issues, provided no one is waiting to discuss course-related matters).

Othello Tournament

Othello tournament results are in!

Midterm and Final Exam Preparation Questions

To help you study for the exams, we have prepared a set of midterm exam preparation questions and a set of final exam preparation questions. The TAs and instructor will happily discuss these questions (and their answers) after you have come up with your own answers. We guarantee that most, though perhaps not all, of the topics covered in these question sets will appear on the midterm and final exams.

Course Grades

Course grades are now available. A spreadsheet showing the calculation of course grades is be posted at ICS23 Course Grades; explanatory information about the spreadsheet is at A Note on Course Grades.


If you have general questions about the course, send email to the course staff; if you have questions about scoring of a lab assignment, email the staff member who is grading your work. If you have other questions about the course, or questions about or problems with this web site, send email to the instructor.