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Course Information

The Course Reference, Course Calendar and Enrollment Information documents are passed out at the first lecture. If you did not get a printed copy there, you can ask the instructor for one. (You can also, of course, print them out yourself!) You are responsible for knowing the information in these documents and those they reference.


During the quarter, important announcements will be made in lecture and will also be posted to the Announcements Board; check it often!

The FabFlixs Project

The course project, FabFlixs, is to build a database of movie informaton so customers can search for and buy DVDs of films via the Web. Details are discussed in The FabFlixs Project.

Course Grades

During the quarter, scores are posted on eee (see the Course Reference for details). At the end of the quarter, course grades will be posted at Final Course Grades, along with notes about how they were computed at A Note on Course Grades.


If you have a general question you think your fellow students can answer, post it at eee NoteBoard for this course (see the Course Reference for details). If you have questions for the course staff, send email to cs122b-help@ics.uci.edu. If you have a matter for the instructor alone, send email to jacobson@ics.uci.edu.