What applications are using notification today, and what do we expect for the future.

Battlefield awareness
military intelligence information
map updated
remote sensors, geysers, fires
data set changes
process control
geographical information
aggregation of events
weather report

Live data streams - sensors, web cams, thermomitors, monitoring. telemetry.

Economics of event value- two axes num of subscribers & value

What events: filtering, thresholds, "unusual" events, exception based notification, medical notification (heart is no longer beating)

software deployments, product updates, car recalls, repairman maintenance updates, dangerous updates, food recalls, Refridgerator tracks what food is in it and whether there are recalls.

Subscription persistence, if you move, car recalls,

Killer App - Traffic Reports, web, palm, car computer,

stock notification

Internet gaming, distributed interaction, shared whiteboard, go server, mouse events are events?

Workflow process task notifications, military collaborative planning,

Four axes


notification versus modelling -