Activities and Events

IRUS sponsors a range of activities to meet the needs of various groups in the software engineering field. These activities are designed to foster a sense of community, provide a forum for idea and information exchange, solve specific technical problems, serve as an outreach to the software community at large, facilitate joint research projects, and stimulate in-depth discussion on topical areas of interest to the community.

Networking and Roundtable Meetings
Monthly networking and roundtable meetings are designed to bring together software practitioners and researchers to investigate and discuss topics of interest. Attendees find community building and networking to be an invaluable benefit.

The purpose of IRUS symposia is to bring together researchers and practitioners for a day of information sharing. Symposia feature refereed papers and presentations, invited speaker and keynotes, panel discussions, debates, demonstrations, and/or posters.

Special Events and Activities
IRUS sponsors a variety of one-time events such as workshops and special meetings and co-sponsors or provides support for various national and international conferences and symposia.

TWIST - The Workshop series on Internet-scale Software Technologies

The TWIST series aims to gather participants from industry and academia who are researching or developing software technologies that scale to the Internet. TWIST provides a forum for discussion and enables quick dissemination of current ideas within a well-targeted audience. The goals of the workshop series are developing a better understanding among the different communities of interest, improved definition of requirements for scaling to the Internet, better appreciation of the application domains that require or benefit from this approach, and suggestions for fruitful research directions.

These workshops are held annually in the summer months at the University of California, Irvine.

Research Partnerships
Research partnerships are relationships typically between an individual company and an individual faculty member, focused around a specific project or topic. The focus is often on collaboration to solve problems of mutual interest. In some cases companies financially sponsor a specific research project which is conducted at UCI. In some cases the focus is on transitioning technology to the company. Other projects may focus on UCI usage of corporate technology. Still others are directed at site visits for information exchange, consulting, or arranging summer internships for students.

Schedule of Events, Flyers, Mailing Lists

The IRUS schedule of events includes flyers for SPIN, BART, symposia, and other special events.

Flyers are also available directly via the IRUS electronic and postal mailing lists.

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