Michael Goodrich's Erdős Number.

A person's Erdős number is the degrees of separation from that person to the famous mathematician Paul Erdős through research publications. That is, the distance, in number of collaborations, from that person to Erdős. In fact, we can define a collaboration graph, where we create a vertex for each person and link two people with an edge if they have collaborated on a published research paper.

Michael Goodrich's Erdős number is 3, which is realized in the following (disjoint) ways in the collaboration graph:

  1. Erdős->Avis->Snoeyink->Goodrich
  2. Erdős->Pach->Bronnimann->Goodrich
  3. Erdős->Pollack->Agarwal->Goodrich
  4. Erdős->Alon->Vishkin->Goodrich
  5. Erdős->Aronov->Kosaraju->Goodrich
  6. Erdős->Wagstaff->Atallah->Goodrich
  7. Erdős->Silverman->Mount->Goodrich
  8. Erdős->Fraenkel->Scheinerman->Goodrich
  9. Erdős->Odlyzko->Guibas->Goodrich
  10. Erdős->Yao->Eppstein->Goodrich
  11. Erdős->Fishburn->Tanenbaum->Goodrich
  12. Erdős->Graham->Varghese->Goodrich
For example, Goodrich coauthored a paper with Jack Snoeyink, who coauthored a paper with David Avis, who coauthored a paper with Paul Erdős.

Michael T. Goodrich
Department of Computer Science
Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-3435 USA