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Apache Group Founders, Feb 1995

* Brian BehlendorfHotWired, Bay Area, California
* Roy FieldingUC Irvine Ph.D. Student, California
Rob HartillLANL, New Mexico
David RobinsonCambridge Ph.D. Student, UK
Cliff SkolnickSun Microsystems, California
Randy TerbushZyzzyva ISP, Nebraska
* Robert ThauMIT Ph.D. Student, Massachusetts
Andrew WilsonElsevier, Oxford, UK

* indicates people Roy has met in person

Initial contributors included Eric Hagberg (Cornell Medical College), Frank Peters (Mississippi State University), and Nicolas Pioch (The Unofficial Louvre, Paris, France).

The Apache Group: A Case Study of Internet Collaboration and Virtual Communities (Roy T. Fielding, 01 Jun 1997)
UCI School of Social Sciences Seminar Series on the World-Wide Web