Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions I have been asked in the past about my on-line Web publications have been about how (or if) something should be referenced within other writings, whether or not they can be copied for classroom use, etc. Consider this to be my lazy way of answering frequently asked questions about my dissertation before they become too frequent.

Copying or printing this work

You may have noticed that I have included a copyright statement of "All rights reserved" on all pages of this HTML edition. The purpose of that is to make it clear who owns the copyright (me) so that you don't go asking the University of California or UMI (the microfiche archive company) for the following permission.

I, Roy Thomas Fielding, hereby grant permission to You, whoever you may be, to copy, print, or otherwise reproduce this dissertation for non-commercial use (including classroom, research, government use, or anything covered by the usual notion of "fair use") in its original PDF edition, 2-up PDF edition, or HTML edition, or excerpts thereof, provided that any such reproduction includes the full reference to this work, as described below, either on the initial page of the reproduction or by citation to a list of references within a larger work.

If you would like to reproduce this work for commercial purposes, as in selling it as a book or a significant part of a published compilation, then you will have to ask for my permission separately.

How to reference this work

There is one authoritative reference to the library archives:

Fielding, Roy Thomas. Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures. Doctoral dissertation, University of California, Irvine, 2000.

You may need to make some style adjustments to that, depending on the writing style being used for a given reference list, such as only listing my initials instead of the full given names.

The content and section numbers of this HTML edition are identical to those in the original. However, if you wish to reference a page number, please see the PDF editions for the correct page number.


I have placed hypertext anchors around each of the subsection titles, with names like sec_2_3 or sec_4_1_4_2, and around each table, figure, and reference. These are permanent names, so feel free to use them as anchors for references within other documents.


Note that my dissertation is a permanently frozen document, so I will not be changing the content in order to fix any errors I might have made in the research. If you notice a significant error, send me an e-mail to the contact address on my home page and I will add it to a list of errata below.

[Top] © Roy Thomas Fielding, 2000. All rights reserved.