Project, Links, and References

References and previous works: The field of Matrix Computations is so vast and spread (around) that any attempt to cover a complete bibliography is quite difficult.

Matrix multiplication is the basic operation building the algebra and also the most basic computational kernel of todays software library. In this pages, we will try to list what we consider a dense representations of the projects, literature and others.

Currently, Prof. N. Higham's book Accuracy and Stability of Numerical Algorithm (second edition) is a great source and our first place for consultation and first level of indirections (to further works).

We organize the contents into four groups:
  • BibTex list: this is the references we have been collecting so far.
  • Fast Algorithms: Strassen, Winograd, Pan, Coppersmith, Cohn. We discuss the theoretical framework of fast algorithms.
  • Code Generators: PhiPAC, ATLAS, GotoBLAS (FLAME), MKL, ESSL, GEMMW, or GEMM3M are examples where the algorithms become implementations. Portability, maintenance, easy to use, flexibility, execution time, energy consumption, parallelism exploitation are just a sample of the metrics used to determine the quality of the solutions.
  • Other Approaches:


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