System Requirements


The EXPRESSION project aims to achieve exploration of Systems-On-Chip (SOCs) with programmable processor cores and novel memory hierarchies. Effective exploration of such SOCs is possible by considering the interaction between the processor architecture, the compiler and the target application. In this project we use EXPRESSION, an Architecture Description Language (ADL), to specify the processor-memory architecture. Further, we automatically generate EXPRESS, a highly optimizing, Instruction-Level-Parallelizing (ILP) compiler, and SIMPRESS, a cycle-accurate, structural simulator from EXPRESSION. EXPRESSION, EXPRESS and SIMPRESS are integrated under a visual environment, V-SAT (Visual Specification and Analysis Tool), to aid rapid Design Space Exploration (DSE).

EXPRESSION was designed with the dual goal of allowing processor description for fast DSE and for automatic generation of detailed/accurate simulation/compilation tools. The novel features of EXPRESSION include:


Integration of the Instruction-Set and Structure to avoid redundancy in specification,


Automatic generation of resource constraints (as reservation tables), and


Constructs for explicitly specifying novel and traditional memories

EXPRESS was developed with the goal of providing a retargetable compiler platform for Embedded-System/System-on-Chip development. The EXPRESS retargetable compiler takes in C programs and produces a highly optimized (and parallel) target specific code using state-of-art Instruction-Level Parallelism (ILP) techniques. The compiler features an extensive set of integrated transformations to perform the traditional compiler tasks of code selection, instruction scheduling and register allocation and memory-aware optimizations.

SIMPRESS is a retargetable, cycle-accurate, structural simulator that can be used to evaluate the architecture, the application and the effectiveness of the compiler transformations. It features an extensive set of statistic collector agents that are used to gather information such as resource usage, hazard count, inner-loop execution time, etc.

V-SAT provides a visual environment to graphically specify the architecture and perform Architectural DSE in an intuitive manner. The EXPRESSION description of the processor can be automatically generated from the V-SAT specification.

EXPRESSION is an ADL supporting architectural design space exploration (DSE) for embedded Systems-on-Chip (SOC) and automatic generation of a retargetable compiler/simulator toolkit.


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