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UCI Campus

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Auto Spkr Gateway Stairwell, I
Gateway Stairwell, II Gateway Stairwell, III Gehry Building, I
Int Nano Center, I Gehry Building, II
Gehry Building, III Douglas Auditorium, I Center, II
Gehry Building, IV Gehry Building, V No Decision
Emergency E 209
Sewer Caution Bren Building Construction
B Croul Hall Natural Sciences, I
Natural Sciences, II Greenhouse Roof And To
Water Greenhouse Door Greenhouse Interior
Greenhouse Wall Phytochemistry Flowerpots, I
Flowerpots, II Flowerpots, III Equipment Shed
Anger Erv Erm Flowerpots, IV
Humanities Hall, I Maya Lin Fountain Orange Ladder
Sing Arts Bridge, I Arts Bridge, II
Arts Bridge, III Red Leaves Student Center Construction
Student Services Humanities Hall, II It
Center, III R Palm And Crane
Douglas Auditorium, II Gateway Reflections, I Gateway Reflections, II
Gateway Reflections, III Self Reflection Crosswalk Flag Stand, I
Crosswalk Flag Stand, II Silhouetted Trees