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Graph Drawing 2009

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Georg Sander and Yifang Hu Mike Goodrich and Yanni Tollis Christian Duncan and Marcus Schaefer
Audience, I Marc van Kreveld and Kevin Verbeek Emden Gansner
Audience, II Walter Didimo Fabrizio Frati
Wolfgang Paul and Markus Rohrschneider Andre Schulz Alexander Wolff
Christian Duncan Michael Wybrow and Tim Dwyer Poster Session, I
Poster Session, II Melanie Badent and Christian Pich Michael Pelsmajer
Janos Pach, I Janos Pach, II Janos Pach, III
Anna Lubiw Poster Session, III Erin Chambers
Berghoff Banquet, I Berghoff Banquet, II Berghoff Banquet, III
Berghoff Banquet, IV Contest Awards, I Contest Awards, II
Therese Biedl Maurizio Patrignani Martin Wattenberg
Christian Pich Tim Dwyer