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East Totem West

A show of poster art from the 1960s San Francisco collective East Totem West, curated by John Sisson at the Orange County Friends Meeting House, Irvine, California, June 16–18, 2011.

Click on any picture for a larger copy.
Entrance Yellow Chair, I Yellow Chair, II
Yellow Chair, III Two Yellow Chairs Escher Lizard Tiles
Beanbag Mushroom Lady Discussion From The Hallway
White Rabbit Room Playroom Flapping
Table Display Timothy Views Flyers Flyers Wide
Flyers Close Some Of My Best Friends Awakening
Pipe Dreams The Temptation Of Eve Thou Art That
White Rabbit In Wonderland The Inner Eye Eye Mandala
Branching Figure Be Good To Yourself Venetian Striped Cat
Venetian Reflections Mylar Distortion