From:  (David Paterson)
Newsgroups:     sci.math
Subject:        Polyhedra, nets, how many with 7 faces?
Date:           Thu, 15 Feb 96 05:34:57 GMT
Organization:   CSIRO

Hi there,

First things first, I lost every one of my email contacts when moving site so 
if you've been corresponding with me please note my new email address.

I'm trying to write a computer program to do minimal geometric dissections (in 
2D) and Stage 1 is finding all valid polyhedra with a given number of faces.

I've sorted out all with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 faces; although may have some 
self-crossing nets (doesn't make a valid polyhedron) in the 6 face nets. And 
only have edges & corners on the nets yet (working on finding the faces).

I've only got partial solutions for 7, 8 and 9 faces.

It would help a lot if someone can tell me how many different polyhedra have 7 
faces; even more if someone has a computer program that plays around with 
polyhedral (or other) nets.

By the way:
Stage 1 is finding all polyhedra with a given number of faces;
Stage 2 is adding extra nodes on edges and matching these to each given 2-D 
geometric figure;
Stage 3 is comparing nets face by face for possible correspondences and 
constructing constraint equations;
Stage 4 is finding dependencies in the constraint equations and solving them 
if possible.

David Paterson
CSIRO DBCE Melbourne.

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