From:  (Neil Bowers)
Subject:        Abstract Games Bibliography
Date:           24 Apr 1993 06:28:36 GMT
Organization:   University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

I have updated my bibliography for abstract games.  There are quite a few
blanks, where I don't have dates, publishers etc.  Please send these and
any others additions to

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        Books for abstract games enthusiasts

This is version 1.2 of a bibliography for abstract games.  Any
additions, corrections, comments on books etc gratefully received.
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Thanks to the following for sending me details: Hugh Chipman, Gary Levin,
Chris Knight, Ken Tidwell, John J. Chew, and others.

[Applegate 91]  "Computer Analysis of Sprouts", David Applegate,
        Guy Jacobson, Daniel Sleator.
        CMU Technical report CMU-CS-91-144, May 1991.

[Arnold ?]  "The Illustrated Book of Table Games", edited by Peter Arnold,
        pub. Hamlyn.

[Arnold 85] "The Book of Games", editor P. Arnold.  Published by Newnes
        Books, 84-88 The Centre, Feltham, Middlesex, England.
        ISBN 0-600-35151-3.

[Bell 79]   "Board & Table Games from Many Civilizations", by R.C. Bell,
        Published by Dover Publications, Inc.  ISBN 0-486-23855-5.

        Originally published 1960 and 1969 in two volumes by Oxford
        University Press.

[Bell 80]   "Discovering Old Board Games", by R.C. Bell.
        Published by Shire.

[Bell 83]   "The Board Game Book", by R.C. Bell.  Published by Simon &
        Schuster, New York, NY  ISBN 0-671-06030-9

        Beautifully illustrated, coffee table sized book of board
        games. Most of the games are taken from Bell's earlier book
        but full color, page size examples of all the boards are
        given, as well. The Klutz Press book does a much better job
        of providing boards that you can actually use to play the
        games but this book covers many more obscure board games.

[Bell 88]   "Board Games Around the World", by R.C. Bell and
        Michael Cornelius.  Published by Cambridge University Press,
        Cambridge ISBN 0-521-35924-4

[Berlekamp 82]  "Winning Ways", by Berlekamp, Conway, and Guy.
        Published by Academic Press 1982. ISBN 0.12.091101.9

        The first volume is devoted to modeling and solving
        various general games, like nim and a bunch of graph
        based games.  It is based on a non-standard model of
        numbers (see Knuth's Surreal Numbers for a light
        hearted approach to these unusual numbers).

        The second volume is particular games and includes
        Twixt and Mankala, and also a wide variety of solitare
        games, including an amazing analysis of Rubik's cube.

[Cassidy 91]    "The Book of Classic Board Games", copyright by John Cassidy,
        edited by Sid Sackson and Klutz Press staff, published by
        Klutz Press.  ISBN 0-932592-94-5.

        A book of playing boards for 15 games: checkers, 3-D Tic Tac
        Toe, Dalmatian Pirates and the Volga Bulgars, Roundabouts,
        Hasami Shogi, (9x9) Go, Hex, Brax, Hoppers, Fandango,
        Solitaire, Cats and Dogs, Mancala, Nine Men's Morris,
        Backgammon.  Comes with 2d6 and a few dozen black and
        white stones.

[Culin ?]   "Games of the Orient", by S. Culin.  Published by ?

[Diagram Group 92]
        "Family Fun & Games", published by Sterling Publishing Co.,
        Inc., New York, NY  ISBN 0-8069-8776-6

        A good survey of modern English games: abstract, card, word,
        and children's. Very nicely written rules and excellent

[Falkener ?]    "Games Ancient and Oriental and How to Play Them",
        by Edward Falkener.  Published by Dover.

[Fiske ?]   "Chess in Iceland", by W. Fiske, pub. ?

[Gollon 68] "Chess Variations: Ancient, Regional and Modern", by John
        Gollon.  Published by the Charles E. Tuttle Company.
        ISBN 0-8048-1122-9.

        Ancient: Two-handed Chaturanga, Four-handed Chaturanga,
        Shatranj, Oblong Chess, Round Chess, Shatranj Kamil (two
        variations), Shatranj Al-Husun, Timur's Chess, Shatranj
        Al-Kabir, Grande Acedrex, Acedrex de Los Quatros Tiempos,
        Courier Chess, Turkish Great Chess (four variations),
        Shatranj Diwana Shah.  Regional: Chinese Chess, San-Kwo-Chi,
        Korean Chess, Japanese Chess (Shogi), Intermediate Japanese
        Chess (Tsui Shogi), Malay Chess, Burmese Chess, Thai Chess.
        Modern: Double Chess, Martian Chess, Chancellor Chess,
        Capablanca's Chess, Kriegspiel, Nieuchess, Three Dimensional
        Chess, Odds and Ends.  Rules, basic strategy notes, sample
        games for each.  Originally inspired by [Falkener ?].
        (John J. Chew, III <>)

[Koch 91]   "Pencil & Paper Games", by Karl-Heinz Koch.  Published by
        Sterling Publishing.  ISBN 0-8069-8263-2

        Originally published in German, this book illustrates simple
        abstract strategy games ranging from Battleship to Sprouts to
        letter games and riddles.   Games are organized by type, and
        most have associated illustrations.

[Murray ?]  "History of Board Games other than Chess", by H.J.R. Murray,
        Published by Oxford University Press.

[Murray ?]  "History of Chess", by H.J.R. Murray,
        Published by Oxford University Press.

[Pritchard 82]  "Brain Games", by David Pritchard.  Published by Penguin
        ISBN 0-14-00.56872-3

[Sackson 92]    "A Gamut of Games", Sidney Sackson (3rd edition).  Published
        by Dover Publications Inc., New York  ISBN 0-486-27347-4

[Schmittberger 92]
        "New Rules for Classic Games", R. Wayne Schmittberger, 1992.
        Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY.
        ISBN 0-471-53621-0

        Describes many games, game variants, new uses for
        your moldering game equipment, techniques for modifying and
        repairing the rules of games, etc.  A very interesting book.

[Williams 54]   "The Compleat Strategist", by J.D. Williams.
        Published by McGraw-Hill.

        Early treatise on game theory that is very accessible to the

Specific Games

        Black Box

[Solomon ?] "Black Box Game Book", by Eric Solomon.  Published by Strategy


[La Roux ?] "The Complete Draughts Player", M. La Roux.  Published by ?

[Oldbury ?] "Move Over", by Derek Oldbury.  Published by Nicholas Kaye.

        Go-Moku (Renju)

[Lasker 60] "Go and Go-Moku The Oriental Board Games", by Edward Lasker,
        Published by Dover.

        Hexagonal Chess

[Glinski ?] "First Theories of Hexagonal Chess", by W. Glinski,
        Published by Hexagonal Chess Publications.

        The L Game

[de Bono ?] "The 5-day Course in Thinking", by Edward de Bono.
        Published by Penguin.

        Master Mind

[Ault ?]    "The Official Mastermind Handbook", by Laslie H. Ault,
        Published by the New American Library.


[Hofstadter 80] "Metamagical Themas", by D.F. Hofstadter.  Published by ?


[Fairbairn 79]  "How to Play Shogi", by John Fairbairn.  Published by
        The Shogi Association.
        Available from: George F. Hodges, P.O. Box 77, Bromley,
        Kent BR1 2WT, England, Tel. (44) 81 - 468 7050,
        Fax (44) 81 - 295 1550.

[Fairbairn 83]  "Shogi for Beginners", by John Fairbairn.  Published by The
        Ishi Press, Inc.  Available from: George Hodges, for address
        see [Fairbairn 83].

        Superb book for beginners.

[Leggett 66]    "Shogi - Japan's Game of Strategy", by Trevor Leggett.
        Published by Charles E. Tuttle Company, Inc.

        Does have some good examples for moves and a few Shogi
        problems.  Uncertain if it's still in print.

[Shogi Assoc]   "Shogi" The Shogi Association.  Available from: George Hodges,
        for address see book [Fairbairn 79].

[Shogi World]   "Shogi World" Magazine published by Ishi Press International.

[Teruichi 83a]  "Guide to Shogi Openings", by Aono Teruichi (7-dan pro).
        Published by Sankaido Ltd.

        Bilingual: English and Japanes.

[Teruichi 83b]  "Better moves for better Shogi (The NHK Shogi Lectures)",
        by Aono Teruichi (7-dan pro).  Published by Sankaido Ltd.

        Bilingual: English and Japanes.

        This bimonthly was published from January 1976 until November
        1987 (70 issues). All issues, except #1, are still available.
        They can also be purchased as a bound hardcover edition.
        You can learn a lot from these magazines.


[Donnelly ?]    "Hsiang Ch'i --- The Chinese Games of Chess",
        by Terence Donnelly, pub. Wargames Research Group.

Programming Abstract Games

[Levy ?]    "Computer Gamesmanship", by David Levy.  Published by Century.

[Levy ?]    "Computer Gamesmanship: Elements of Intelligent Game Design",
        by David Levy.  Published by Simon & Schuster, Inc. (their
        Computer Division), New York.  ISBN 0-671-49532-1.

        First published as a periodical by "Personal Computer World"
        in 1980.  First publication as a book in Great Britain (1983).