ICS Theory Group

ICS 280G, Spring 1997:
Mesh Generation for Graphics and Scientific Computation

This graduate seminar meets Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 - 10:50 in EIC 126. It will be primarily based on two surveys: "Mesh generation and optimal triangulation", by Bern and Eppstein, and "Mesh Generation", by Bern and Plassman.

Students will be expected to read a paper or papers on a mesh generation topic and present them as a lecture in the class. The last two or so weeks of class (depending on attendance) will be devoted to these student lectures. For some pointers to papers and web pages on mesh generation, see my mesh generation page from Geometry in Action. Some more graphics-specific pointers are located in the graphics page of the same site.


1 Apr: Introduction; applications of meshing
3 Apr: Existence of triangulations and quadrilateralizations
8 Apr: Dynamic programming
10 Apr: Delaunay triangulation
15 Apr: Edge insertion
17 Apr: Overview of Steiner triangulation
22 Apr: No-small-angle triangulation
24 Apr: Circle-packing nonobtuse and conforming Delaunay triangulation
29 Apr: Mesh smoothing
1 May: Surfaces in 3d
6 May: Existence of tetrahedralizations
8 May: Delaunay tetrahedralization
13 May: Steiner tetrahedralization
15 May: Hexahedral meshing
20 May: Student presentation: Thuan Do
22 May: Student presentation: Mac Casale
27 May: Student presentation: Joseph Wang
29 May: Student presentation: Steve Seiden
3 Jun: Student presentation: David Hart
5 Jun: Review of open problems

David Eppstein, Theory Group, Dept. Information & Computer Science, UC Irvine.
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