ICS Theory Group

ICS 280, Spring 1999:
Computational Statistics

This quarter I will be running a graduate seminar on computational statistics, studying problems such as point estimation, regression, clustering, and hierarchical clustering. The course will be structured as a reading group, with a weekly discussion meeting Wednesdays at 1:30 in CS 243.

In the first part of the course, we'll go over various estimation methods, with an emphasis on robustness: what sort of errors can a given method tolerate and still provably return an accurate estimate of the data?

In the second part, we'll read and discuss about algorithmics: what techniques (primarily from computational geometry) can or have been used to implement or approximate these estimators efficiently?


7 Apr: Introduction
14 Apr: Methods for point estimation
Reading: ABET98 through section 2.5 (description and proof of existence of centerpoints)
21 Apr: Methods for regression
Readings: HR98, RH99, ABET98
28 Apr: Methods for clustering
Readings: BE96, KMNPSW99
5 May: Methods for hierarchical clustering
Readings: RW97
12 May: Algorithms for point estimation
Readings: EE94, G99
19 May: Algorithms for regression
Readings: DMN92
26 May: Algorithms for clustering Readings: KMNPSW99, E97
2 Jun: Algorithms for hierarchical clustering Readings: E98
9 Jun: Review


David Eppstein, Theory Group, Dept. Information & Computer Science, UC Irvine.
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