ICS 260 - Fundamentals of the Design and Analysis of Algorithms - Fall, 2002 (Eppstein)

Instructor: David Eppstein, CS 358D, 949-824-6384, eppstein@ics.uci.edu.
Office hours by appointment; call or send email to set up a time. I will usually be available immediately after class.

Class meeting: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12:30 - 1:50PM, in IERF B015.

Adds, drops, etc.: There are plenty of seats in the classroom, so I will be happy to add you to the class DURING THE FIRST WEEK. You may drop the course any time up through the sixth week of classes.

Course Text: There is no required text. Some of the material will be taken from the following books:

In addition, course notes are available online. Please be aware that the notes are from a previous offering of 260, and although they cover roughly the same material as I expect to, they do not necessarily have the same emphasis. You are responsible for all material covered in the lecture, even if it is not covered in the course notes.

Coursework and grading: Due to the lack of teaching assistance for this course, there will be no required homeworks. However, you may find it helpful to study Prof. Dillencourt's homeworks from last Winter. The graded courseworks will consist of two midterms (each worth 30% of the grade) and a comprehensive final exam (worth 40%). Note: I reserve the right to assign a failing grade to a student who performs extremely poorly on the final exam, irrespective of his/her performance on the midterms. Similarly, I reserve the right to assign a student who performs extremely well on the final exam a higher grade than his/her course average would dictate. Exams are closed-book, and sharing or copying answers is not allowed; violating this honesty policy will result in failing the class.


Sample exams from the Fall 2001 offering of ICS 260:
D. Eppstein, ICS, UC Irvine.