ICS 180: Strategy and board game programming

Course Project

Since the goal of the course is to learn how to write a computer game program, the primary coursework will consist of a project in which teams of students write such a program. Project teams should consist of 3 or 4 students. Each project is expected to go through the following milestones (described in more detail on the pages linked to each topic):
7 Jan: Form project teams
14 Jan: Submit a proposal describing the game to be programmed, detailing the features of game positions to be used in evaluating game positions, and listing the tasks assigned to each of the team members
21 Jan: I will review the proposals and return them to you. Start coding!
4 Feb: Complete work on the user interface, board representation, and move generation modules of your program. These modules should link together to form a program that acts as a game board for human-human play.
25 Feb: Target date for producing a working program, leaving the rest of the quarter for testing, evaluation function improvement, and the addition of more sophisticated search algorithms.
11 Mar: Turn in your final projects along with written reports describing the project status.
Finals week: Project demonstrations

David Eppstein, Dept. Information & Computer Science, UC Irvine, .