Hello, I'm Elahe
PhD Candidate / Software Developer

About Me

I've started my PhD studies in Software Engineering in Fall 2017 at SDCL lab in University of California, Irvine. My advisor is Professor Andre van der Hoek .
I did an internship as AI Software Engineer at MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab -- Advanced Prototyping Team during summer 2022.
Before I moved to US, I worked as a software developer at Intelliview company for almost 3 years (2015 - 2017) in Canada.
On 2014, I finished my Master's studies in Software Engineering at University of Calgary, Canada. My supervisor was Professor Behrouz H. Far.
On fall 2012, I moved to Canada, right after I finished my undergrad in Software Engineering in Tehran, Iran.
I am goal-oriented and team player. I have strong background in analysis, design, and implementation of software applications; data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented programming; building predictive models, classification, web scraping, and data analysis. I have strong leadership, planning, multi-tasking, and presentation skills. I have communicated and collaborated with industry partners during research and development projects. And, I have over 4 years of experience in teaching various courses.

My Resume

My Experience

  • Sept 2017

    PhD Candidate

    University of California, Irvine

    • Designed and implemented custom web scraping tools to automatically download metadata from Google Issue Tracker, YouTrack, and Bugzilla.
    • Performed a range of statistical analyses and regression models on more than two million data from Minecraft, Android, Mozilla, IntelliJ, and LibreOffice, published in a major software engineering conference.
    • Developed several machine learning classifiers to classify bug reports as actionable or non-actionable, achieved the highest performance results to date.
    • Designed and developed a voice-based interface to an electronic whiteboard sketching tool.
    • Designed and developed an slack chatbot for early detection of potential development conflicts arising from concurrent code changes.

    ••• Technologies and software tools: Python, R, RStudio, VSCode, Git, Github, Statistical Analysis, Linear/Logistic Regression, Web Scraping, Scikit-Learn, NumPy, Panda, NLTK, Matplotlib, SciPy, OpenCV, Jupyter Notebook.

  • May 2022
    Aug 2023

    AI Software Engineer Intern

    MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab
    Advanced Prototyping Team

    • Designed, developed, and unit tested a code debugger API in a multi-agent system to enable debugging of agents’ source code at runtime, currently being used by Advanced Prototyping Team at Watson AI Lab.
    • Designed, embedded, and unit tested a code editor for manipulating source code at runtime in a distributed agent system, currently being used by Advanced Prototyping Team at Watson AI Lab, published in a major software engineering conference.

    ••• Technologies and software tools: Python, Vue.js, VSCode, pycharm, Git.

  • Feb 2015
    Aug 2017

    Software Developer

    Intelliview Technologies Inc.

    • Design, develop and unit test core Intelliview software components and features (video analytics solutions for industrial surveillance applications) as a service.
    • Design, implement and test web application/UI.
    • Work with QA staff and other stakeholders to resolve bugs and implement feature requests.
    • Participate in and lead code reviews, development processes and standards.
    • Participate in estimating, scheduling, and prioritization of development work with the technical team.
    • Conduct research on emerging technologies, and implementing prototypes and proof of concepts.

    ••• Technologies and software tools: Python, C/C++, MFC, Boost, QT, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, React, Angular.js, Bootstrap, Web Sockets, RESTful API, PostgreSQL, Linux, Microsoft Visual Studio, Weka, VMWare, Subversion, Scrum.

  • July 2014
    Jan 2015

    Research Assistant

    University of Calgary

    • Analyzed Calgary road info databases in Microsoft SQL Server and developed ETL processes, using Pentaho, to form a data mart.
    • Analyzed and designed data models via statistical and mining methods, using Weka.
    • Designed an online/offline safety feedback system, applying multi-agent methods and UML, using Aimsun traffic network simulator.
    • Developed an API for a video driven traffic system, applying image-processing techniques.

    ••• Technologies and software tools: C/C++, Pentaho, Microsoft Visual Studio, Weka, Aimsun simulator.

  • Sept 2012
    July 2014

    MSc Software Engineering,
    Research and Teaching Assistant

    University of Calgary

    • Integrated PARAMICS traffic simulator with OPNET wireless network simulator using open source applications to evaluate Connected Vehicle (CV) communication ranges in Wi-Fi and WLAN protocols.
    • Developed ETL processes to extract output CSV files from PARAMICS, transformed the data into the XML format, for the use of OPNET.
    • Designed and analyzed a Connected Vehicle (CV) system as a multi agent system.
    • Implemented APIs to develop a system model to support simulation of CV systems, leading to the simulator being able to compete with commercial simulators.
    • Addressed client’s requests and provided optimum outputs, resulted in willingness of the University to invest in similar projects.
    • Validated the developed CV system by reducing accidents and travel time index in Deerfoot trail, Calgary, Alberta; recommendations and assessment results are currently being used by the client to implement CV systems in Calgary and having the potential to be applied in other cities of Canada.

    ••• Technologies and software tools: C/C++, Microsoft Visual Studio, Weka, PARAMICS simulator, OPNETsimulator.

  • Aug 2008
    Aug 2012

    BSc Software Engineering

    Tehran Shomal University

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