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gridPlot[sys, vars, {tstart, tend}, options]
gridPlot[sys, vars, options]
gridPlot[sys, options]

Plots a list of variables on a grid.

sys is the output of run.

vars is either a variable, a list of variables in sys or the symbol All.

tstart and tend give the timespan of each plot.

Options include:

Option Default Value Description
"Columns" 3 Number of columns in grid
"Width" 300 Width in pixels of each plot in grid
"Aspect" 1.0/GoldenRatio Aspect ratio of each plot
"Options" {PlotRange->All} List of options for Plot to be applied to each plot in the grid.
"styles" {} List of styles to be added to each plot, such as Thick or Dotted. There should be one list element for each plot. If more then one style is desired for any individual plot, then the Directive command should be used to encapsulate the collection.

Implementation Notes

gridPlot uses runPlot which is a wrapper for MathSBML`SBMLPlot.

[rev: 2 Nov 2012]