Sending Money Lab diagram

Sending bitcoin

  1. Open an account on or use another bitcoin wallet of your choice.
  2. Find the address to which people can send you bitcoin. (In Coinbase -> "Home" -> "View My Account" -> "Request" -> "Bitcoin Address"
  3. In this forum, post a message with that address
  4. Within 24 hours, I will send you a small amount of bitcoin.
  5. When you receive it, send it back to this address:
    • 13Q1Gz5UjhLbrTyY9ExwnxUSMHoHEKNXP2
  6. After you send the bitcoin back to me, reply to your forum post with a link to the transaction from in which you sent bitcoin back to me.

As you do this, think about all the different people, institutions and artifacts that you are using that you have to trust in order to make this transaction work. How many of them are anonymous? Does it make sense to trust them?

Can you identify each of the parts of the transaction and what they represent?

Grading Rubric

Did you complete each of the steps as described before the deadline?


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