Participate in geocaching


  1. Read each of the articles on geocaching 101
  2. Study the different kinds of geocaches
  3. Read about the history of geocaching
  4. Read the glossary of geocaching terms


  1. This assignment must be done in groups of 2 or 3 for safety
  2. Each member of your group must signup for the same geocache. The signup is here: Look up the geocache to make sure it's a good fit for you before you sign-up. If there aren't enough slots for your whole group, then you must pick a different geo-cache.
  3. Using a GPS device, including a smartphone, find your geo-cache. Make sure you bring a pen and optionally a trinket to trade out in the geocache.
  4. If you don't find your geocache, then you must sign up for another one and try again.
  5. Use common-sense, safety is your first priority


  1. When you find the geocache, sign the logbook
  2. Take 3 pictures: 1) the geocache you found, 2) your group at the geocache location, 3) the surrounding area
  3. Leave a comment online for your geocache
  4. Turn in one pdf per group to this EEE dropbox with:
    1. Your group members and IDs
    2. The ID of the geocache you found
    3. The url of the geocache page
    4. The 3 photos that you took
    5. A screen shot of the geocache webpage with your online comment highlighted
    6. A paragraph narrative of the story of finding your geocache


  • Due date: 04/19